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Databases Development Company India

Sinhasoft Web Technologies has the database development expertise to deliver on-site and off-site solutions, providing our clients with exceptional database development, support and reduced downtime, while maintaining optimum performance and stability. Delivering benefits such as lower cost of ownership, increased user adoption and greater employee productivity.

Our database development services allows us to manage your database life cycle, significantly reducing the demand of your resources internally, while providing the expertise and support of your systems in a collaborative partnership as your organization its database requirements continue to grow.

Database is the most significant element for any business application. It is the nucleus around which revolves the entire software application orbit. Hence, database management services are a vital service area as it maintains the critical data repository, for an organization. Since databases hold all the important information of the organization, they need to be continually optimized to achieve the efficiency and cost effectiveness for the organization. Owing to effective database services, there are optimum chances of eliminating downtime, giving business owners and users a flexible and powerful database protecting the performance of their valuable business operations.

Database Modeling and Design

We possess skilled expertise in Database Modeling and Designing. We use Modeling techniques like E-R Modeling, Semantic Modeling, Star Schema Design and Snowflake Schema Design

Database Optimization

Databases today are large, mammoth and complex, and hence optimization of databases to ensure fast and consistent application performance is a necessity.

One important aspect in optimization is Data Profiling which involves assessment of data sources and values to ensure consistent, logical and unique data quality. Identification of primary keys, optimizing query performance, Database indexing and server tuning are few of the many techniques to enhance Database Optimization. While taking up custom database solutions, we ascertain Database optimization through the lifecycle of the project viz. design, development, testing, deployment and support.

Query Optimization

Query optimization is one of the main functions of relational database in which multiple query plans are examined and a good query plan is identified. Query optimization is essential for any application's performance. Our database experts can help in identifying resource utilization and analyzing execution plans using cost based optimizer. We undertake Query Re-structuring, Advanced optimization techniques and SQL tuning to achieve Query optimization.

Database Monitoring

We offer database monitoring as a significant service as it is pivotal to track the potential database and to measure the availability and responsiveness over time, especially peak time monitoring. Implementing the effective database monitoring routines proves beneficial for increased application availability, early detections of database outages failures and table corruptions, predictions on storage requirements and index performance. As a part of the database management services and monitoring, our team of experts will evaluate the database logs and reports to identify the long running SQLs, CPU usage, memory usage, I/O usage and ensure tuning of the same.

Database Replication and Synchronization

Data replication and synchronization is one of the key areas that we have experience in. We offer Multidirectional Data Synchronization, Data replication to Heterogeneous sources and Real time data replication through replication tools that read the data from transaction logs and synchronize the data between the systems.

Database Programming

Database programming is an integral part of any application. Our skilled pool of database programmers have good experience in PL/SQL programming, writing stored procedures and other database components that are required in any application development.

Database Performance Tuning

Database programming is an integral part of any application. Our skilled pool of database programmers have good experience in PL/SQL programming, writing stored procedures and other database components that are required in any application development.

It is our constant endeavor to maximize the utilities of system resources to ensure efficient and effective output with faster speed and accuracy. It involves query tuning, designs of database files, environment setup, choosing the right DBMS and much more.

Database Installation, Migration and Upgradation

We have an extensive experience in setting up and installation of heterogeneous RDBMS, Columnar and NoSQL database. We can help the client surpass the cumbersome task of reading through manuals; facing teething problems while installation, lengthy installation procedures and many more.

We handle Data Migration projects, which involves transferring data between databases, leading to extraction of data from one to another data source. We have a wide experience in Database Upgradation, which involves moving the database from the current version to a higher version, without any loss of data and utilizing the new features of the upgrade to the best possible extent.

Database development services include:

  • Commercial and Open Source Databases
  • Extensive Range of Database Management Systems: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SAP, etc.
  • Cloud Database Solutions
  • Robust Database Design
  • Expert SQL Query Performance Optimization
  • Custom Report Development: Crystal Reports, Web-based HTML Reports, PDF Reports, Microsoft Access Reports, etc.
  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Import/Export Services: Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Accpac, etc.
  • Multi-User Access to Password-Protected Databases
  • Real-Time Data Updates From Any Location
  • Access to Multiple World-Class Data Centers
  • Secure and Reliable Web Database Hosting
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Support
  • Off-Site Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Services and Full Cycle Support

Some examples of database development solutions provided by Sinhasoft Web Technologies include:

  • Non-profit / community based client and program management systems
  • Donation management system
  • Membership management system
  • Online learning system
  • Sport and athlete management system
  • Disability client management system
  • Mental health client management system
  • Wheelchair and parking permit management system
  • Library resources management system
  • Employment and training - client management system
  • Homelessness client management system
  • Locum (physicians) matching and payment system
  • Venture capital and equity investment management system
  • Scheduling software system

Technology Matrix

  • RDBMS: Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL,PostgreSQL
  • Document Database: MongoDB
  • Columnar Database: HP Vertica
  • Big Data: Hadoop
  • Database Technologies: ANSI SQL, T-SQL, Analytical SQL, Advanceed PL/SQL, PSP, Pl/Postgre SQL, MOLAP, ROLAP, MDX Query, Cubes.
  • Database Tools: Toad, Oracle Enterprise Manager, MS SQL Server Management Studio, MS SQL Server Configuration Manager, MySQL WorkBench, Pgadmin

Our Portfolio

When it comes to web design and development services in Delhi/NCR, India, we happen to be the leading players in that sphere. Our dedicated efforts towards providing you with the finest tech advanced IT solutions, helps you grow your online business exponentially. Our wide range of IT services has yielded us a number of reputed web based projects. We have backed some great online market places for business over various web development platforms like Joomla, Wordpress, Magento E-Commerce, Drupal and more. Take a look at our portfolio to get a glimpse of work we have done for our prestigious clients over the years.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in the solutions we deliver. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in all endeavours and aren't satisfied until projects meet our own personal high standards. Please take a look at Our Process page to see how we will bring your project into existance.
We are a team of down-to-earth designers and developers who are not interested in making a quick buck. We won't throw buzzwords at you and we stand by our stated Code of Ethics.
To date, we have successfully completed over 16000 projects including data-driven websites, e-commerce websites, intranets, extranets, content management systems, database-to-print publishing systems, customer relationship management systems and other custom database-driven solutions.
Quality is a word we use often. But here, we mean it. At Sinhasoft, each project, large or small, is assigned a quality controller who is typically another application developer who has not worked directly on the project. Before any project is deployed, the quality controller will review the website or application and will ensure the project conforms to all agreed standards. In addition, we encourage our graphic designers and programmers to perform to their maximum potential through internal peer reviews at our weekly project review meetings. We are continually evolving, adapting to continually emerging accepted best practises and accepted standards.
Database design is critical; get it wrong and a project will never get off the ground, will be unacceptably slow or will suffer data integrity issues in the future. At Sinhasoft, we are experts in database design and development. We use accepted database table and field naming standards, we enforce foreign key constraints and we assign indexes to frequently searched fields for rapid access to data. This gives your database a structural integrity, that will allow it grow with stability.
Tomorrow, we will be here for you. We are not a flash-in-the-pan company. We have seen other companies come and go and we plan to still be here years from now. We survived and thrived during the dot-com crash when our competitors buckled and folded under the pressure. Our history speaks for itself. We also provide an Issue Tracking System where issues can be systematically registered for resolution and the progress of resolution tracked throughout. By default, all projects have free support for bugs and critical issues from development to deployment and beyond. Service Level Agreements, support and maintenance contracts can be provided.


Our clients ENCOMPASS INDUSTRY VERTICALS AND BRANDS AT VARIOUS STAGES OF EVOLUTION. We build them forward so that they become the talk of the town.

Brands need the nurture and nourishment similar to that of human being. Just like you wouldn't let a stranger take care of your child, you should not let someone manage your brand who does not understand it like you do. We, at Sinhasoft Web Technologies, have a portfolio that comprises of the most venerable names that have found confidence in letting us decorate their canvass. We have also worked with start-ups and got them to a commanding position in the market.

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